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CloudLog is born!

This is the first entry, hopefully of many more to come. I hope Spode will take charge here and blog up a storm about the various things she thinks of constantly, I hope to get to know her even more than I have over the years by reading her entries here. You can get to know her too!


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Catherine Constantine on :

Woah, check it out, this website is like Web 1.0 or something. Hehehe.

Admin on :

It's an older software but a goodie.

Catherine Constantine on :

It looks even better on desktop. I wish I knew about this software before I explored WordPress or html. It even has that nice layout that Kimmo's website had.

Catherine Constantine on :

I just wanted to leave this memo that most of my entries might just be rawdog since I might not be in the mood to proofread them for grammar and spelling mistakes. Hopefully, Grammarly knows what it is talking about whenever it corrects me.

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