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Hands are amazing and weird.

Have you ever stopped to look at your hands and admire what a great evolutionary marvel they are. Be thankful that you have them for there are people in this world who do not or those who have lost them. But have you ever really studied them? Their shape, why they are the way they are, it's incredible and funny looking. Why are there four fingers and one thumb? Why not three fingers and one thumb? You could easily picture this by imagining that you lack a middle finger and then imagine that you're an alien species where having a middle finger is a genetic defect. How might society be different if the middle finger was seen as a defected and inappropriate for everyday use. I do not mean the gesture for "fuck you" here.

It's just all so fascinating to me.


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Anonymous on :

Have you ever, like, reeeeaalllyy looked, at your hands?

Catherine Constantine on :

Sometimes I lay on my bed and just look at them as well as play with them. I would make walking gestures and pretend I was making them into action figures of hand characters. Sometimes it's fun to laying them flat and look at how funny they are being all thin and long. So I guess you could say I have looked at my hands.

Anonymous on :

Are you high?

Catherine Constantine on :

I do not smoke, drink, or do the wombo combo. I am completely sober.

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