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El Rancho Grande Taco Shop (Both #1 and #2)

They have the best rice and beans I've tasted in the High Desert and I usually am not a huge consumer of these two products. Their tacos are wonderful. They are greasy, but I have come to expect that from a proper taco, even though my impression of the food comes from Cat from the animated Nickelodeon show Catdog. They also have a breakfast menu (if you eat breakfast around 10 AM) and seafood items. I am a little afraid of trying the seafood, but everything else is great. It's insanely popular and has been in business since I was a child. It's definitely worth checking out.

Here are their Yelp pages:

I wish that there was an option to tell certain critics of these pages to fuck off with their self-entitled attitudes if you don't find a review helpful. Most Yelp reviews only think about themselves and it pisses me off, but that is another article.


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