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Looks like I am a DSPS student.

I qualified because I had an IEP during my primary school education years (elementary through high school) and I am in the program now. I return to school earlier than originally anticipated for two 1 credit courses. One is just to assess me for DSPS and the other is a college guidance course that I should have taken at the start of the semester since I really need help with note taking. I just cannot take notes whenever a professor is lecturing and not writing stuff on the board. It's not that bad though since there are some pretty nifty perks you get. For example, you can rent out this cool pen that allows you to copy written/printed text and it saves it to a .txt file. It can also record your lectures and one other feature I do not recall at the moment. I was too blown away by the copier the size of a pen. There is also a learning aid that has audiobooks, some with text and pictures, others just audio. The voice is clearer than the most clear ones that I downloaded. I might even use that for leisure outside of course work. I bet they have a ton of public domain books in there too. I know they have Stephen King's IT. It's gonna be an interesting semester.


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Catherine Constantine on :

The benefits they marked me down for are wonderful and I cannot wait to see how they would improve my learning experience. Plus I cannot wait to check out what a C-Pen can do.

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