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My one question for God.

How come you make people one way and feel another way; what purpose could transgender people have to your grand plan?

He would most likely tell me that it's to make everyone of his creations unique and so that each person has their own struggles to define their characters and being transgender is just one of those struggles for some people.

I wouldn't question it long as I would request that my afterlife is served reincarnated into the sex that I desired to be with no bullshit like "oh, you can be born a girl, but you would identify as a boy and pursue a gender switch to a man."

I think I need a lawyer.


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Anonymous on :

What if the Jew god is real??

Catherine Constantine on :

Well, there are a mass of people who believe Jews are encouraging the transgender community so my question would be the same just with a proceeding one that states, "Are you responsible for your followers backing the transgender community making the Christians feel they are degenerates?" Or something like that.

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