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The Travesty of Tesco's Tyranny and Terror

Hello, I am here to speak about an issue dear to my heart. An issue that will infuriate you and make you think. Tesco. Tesco has fallen from grace recently. It started years ago when the old executive was embezzling profits. A new executive took over and this is where the terror began. He promised to reform Tesco, little did we know of the impending doom. Capri Suns and Ribenas with added sugar were taken off the shelves in Tesco to fulfill some nannying social justice warrior's tripe about tackling obesity. Tesco pledge to reduce sugar in their soft drinks, way to take the flavour and treats out of life and replace it with carcinogenic sweeteners! A lot of the Tesco Everyday Value range was scrapped (formally Tesco Value). Tesco Value Cider was no more. The Value Pate thread (which was delicious and tasted like bacon) gone. Month after month, quality products are discontinued. It even extends to Tesco's regular brand. Tesco is also expensive and inferior quality to other stores. Sainsbury's has superior quality goods compared to Tesco. The final nail in the coffin for Tesco was the Plastic Bag scandal. Bags are now 5p in Britain. It's supposed to make people bring their own to help the environment or some hippy bull. Some of the proceeds are supposed to go to charity. This wasn't good enough for greedy Tesco! They siphoned funds off to their executives. Then they scrapped 5p bags. Bags in Tesco are now 10p minimum! Some people don't have two 5ps to rub together. Tesco are just another greedy, soulless corporation who are fading evermore into declining quality and relevance. For those keen shoppers out there, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrison's will fulfill your smart shopping needs! I think it's time to boycott Tesco!


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sworpie on :

Great article. Really made me think about Tesco's. What are your thoughts on Lidl? I shop there frequently and enjoy quality items for low prices.

There is a group of angry geese near though.

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