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Merry Christmas

I just wanted to write this entry to wish all of my readers and supporters a very Merry Christmas regardless of how many will see this blog post.

Whenever I see someone wish someone "Merry Christmas" I feel the urge to wish them "Happy Holidays" and vice versa. Considering this is the day of Christmas then I am willing to forgo my contrarian nature to say this again.

Merry Christmas!

People From Minichan For Whom I Respect

I just wanted to make an entry about people from that I've came to respect over my entire time posting and lurking on that board. This will be a short one and will be in no particular order.

  • Brie <3
  • Becky
  • fake_anon
  • Fuchs
  • FuckAlms
  • Foxygen
  • Green
  • Kook
  • Mudpuppy
  • Nexi
  • On
  • r04r
  • TheOwl
  • Walter (WSD)

I am aware that one of those on the list has never been to, as he is a moderator at the father of the 'illegal clones', but I've came to know him fairly well and it felt wrong to exclude him. If there was anyone that I forgot to include then I would update this list in the future.