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A Return to Hollywood?

I heard back from the LGBT Clinic of Los Angeles and they said that because I have Medi-Cal I could see their transgender health specialists at no extra cost, but I would have to do my lab work within the country of my specific insurance provider which isn't that big of a deal considering that is what I am already doing. Now I have a plan B because this referral games bullshit is really starting to piss me off and I started to get afraid that I might have ran into some kind of a block. So now I have a plan B going forward. They gave me the number to call for appointments. I am still going to give these people another week or so to get my referral, but after which I am just going to call this place.

I regret not going there from the get go, but I was too busy taking into consideration that my mother didn't want to drive all the way to Hollywood (even though Google maps says it's around the same amount of time as my current place), but she said this is doable for us and I am tired of dwelling on hindsight and regret. I'm trying to stay in the present and focusing on the future. I think we agree, the past is over. I always had this feeling that I would be returning to Hollywood later in life. The only other time I visited there was when I went with my mother and her Journey friends on the Journey message boards she used to frequent to attend the Walk of Fame ceremony for the band. Which interesting enough is a few blocks down from this clinic giving her somewhere to go while I was meeting with the doctor(s). Knowing that I would most likely have to follow up it fills me with wonder that I could end up becoming an expert as to what there is in that general location. This feels exciting. Like, almost, this was supposed to happen.

This clinic is also similar to something I have always wanted to start. They even provide rooms for those who are kicked out or homeless which is also something that I would have included in another dream of mine. I am honestly thinking of volunteering to work for them if I didn't live miles away from Hollywood Blvd.

"Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place." ~Uncle Iroh, Avatar the Last Airbender


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