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Nobody deserves public restrooms.

There is a huge debate over where transgender individuals should do their doodies, but this isn't about such an argument that feels so ultimately pointless and serves only as a distraction for the general populace from other more serious issues. This is about my new outlook on public restrooms. Long have I entered such places my whole life and I always greeted by such a messy degenerate room either with toilet paper somewhere, key scratches in God knows what pattern or writing, or sometimes just not cleaned. It makes me pity the employees who have to clean that shit (literally sometimes) up. If we as a society cannot behavior ourselves within a public space made to service a basic human need to dispose of waste then perhaps we do not deserve the luxury of even having such a public space. That's right! No more men's restrooms, no more women's restrooms, no more unisex restrooms, no more transgender, cissy, non-binary, whatever restrooms. We have proven that we only abuse this space to make others feel uncomfortable. This even shows in our media. How many times do you recall seeing such a trashy degenerate bathroom in a TV show or even a motion picture? Exactly!

And the fact that the way we handle our public restrooms and how it hasn't changed much or evolved since the Victorian era, which was when they were essentially first introduced, tells me that it may either be better to just not have them anymore or work on new ways to improve them. The people complaining about having a third restroom option probably don't realize that there was initially only one back in the Victorian era. It was just a men's room because women were expected to remain in the house and not be seen out in public. I'm sure there were a group of men complaining about establishments incorporating a ladies room too. You're not special. There is no reason to even be upset about a possible third door to walk into especially when you're not even going to use it because signs are scary. Plus that third door tends to be unisex anyway which allows for anyone to use it. So feel free to wipe it out inside, but if you start abusing this space with key scratches then you have to leave. Sorry, this is my law.

I would also like to take this moment to plug James Rolfe's You Know What's Bullshit? episode on public restrooms, because he also makes valid points concerning other factors on why they suck. I will also include the episode regarding pay toilets as well.

Video #1:
Video #2:

Keep whining about where transgender people should shit, because if you cannot respect such a private place then perhaps you don't deserve them either.


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