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All Saint's Eve

Seeing as Halloween is this Tuesday, I felt like it was appropriate to make a short entry here about it's origins and as a way to continue this old tradtion. Regardless of what many religious folk have said in the past about this holiday being the work of the devil. It actually started as a religious holiday. Perhaps one that could serve as an example for what became of Christmas, even though Christmas' traditions actually extend back to Roman festivals, but that is a tired fact brought up every year by non-Christians to mock Christians.I will not be going too much into it's origins as one could simply read the Wikipedia article for Halloween, but in essense it was a day to remember the deceased, fallen, martyrs, and saints. Similar to the Mexican festival of Day of the Dead, which intrigues me to find that there is more and more merchendise being sold for that holiday every year. Makes me wonder if it is time for Day of the Dead to lose it's original focus as well.

Not wanting to let the tradition die out as it's a very good one. Let this entry serve as a way to honor your deceased in the comments section.

It has been sixteen years since my father passed away.


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