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This song is my anthem.

There are times when I feel depressed. Mostly over things I have no control over, but things that could have been prevented. Like male pattern baldness caused by stress in my youth all because I was worried about transitioning before I was 30. I tried to stop and laugh at the irony. So I have to wear a wig for my whole life and thanks to a friend I don't feel ashamed. You know what they say, somethings in life are bad and they can really make you mad. Other things can make you swear and curse, but when you're chewing on life's gristle. Don't grumble, give a whistle. This will make things turn out for the best. And always look on the bright side of life!

Bright Side of This Post: At least I started transitioning before I was 30. Mission Accomplished!

Monty Python:

This song is a top contender for a song to be played at my death and/or funeral.


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